Propane Refills in Gunter

Many of us exchange propane based on exchange price and “need.” But, we may have been missing something all along.

Right here in Gunter you can get your propane bottles refilled for just $.99 a lbs. Any size, any amount.

Just bring your bottles in (they do not have to be empty) and set them by the tank. A staff member will do all the work. You just walk inside and pay for propane you received. It is that simple. Go ahead and top off your propane before the next cold spell or cookout.

Only pay for what you get and you don’t have to wait to be empty to refill. How many times have you wanted a FULL tank when heading to the deer camp or having that large party in the back yard?

Located just south of Gunter, Preston Trail Farms is easy to get to. The staff is friendly and they offer more than you may even imagine.

Did you know when you exchange your bottle at a gas station or convenience store the 20lbs bottle is ONLY filled to 15lbs. You are losing money with every exchange.

Just 15 pounds of propane in each tank.

The great thing about Preston Trail Farms is you can sit, eat, or shop while you wait.

Expose your business to thousands each month

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