Review: Crazy Burrito – Sherman

Everybody needs a local Taco Stand. A place to pull up, get hit with the smells of taco meat on the grill, and know your order before you even walk up to the window.

I have been looking for a place like that. I have found a few sit-down Mexican restaurants but not the “drive up and eat in the car” places. Well, I found a place but I still need one-more-try before I give it my “Thumbs up!”

Crazy Burrito

1824 Texoma Pkwy, Sherman, TX 75090

(Next to CVS and Goodwill)

I have a theory. Anytime I eat at a Mexican place, I always order simple enchiladas. One cheese, one meat. With Queso and Chili Con Carne. If you can’t get that right, then I have no need to tray anything else later.

Well, at a taco stand, you have to order … “street tacos.” I did just that. One Fajita Beef and the other, Shredded Beef.

OK…. this is where I am torn: The fajita beef was one of the best tacos I have had in years. I was thinking… WOW! I just found THE spot for tacos in Sherman. Then, I took one bite of the shredded beef. Maybe the worst taco I have have EVERY eaten in my life. Had I eaten that first, I may not have even eaten the other one.

I WILL go back. I will order a few more items and update the review. But for now, here is their menu. Don’t be scared to try new things.

The lady at the counter was very friendly. The prices decent. A picnic table out front. People watching at the CVS, Ice Machine, and at the Goodwill next door!




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