Robineta Reed – Gunter HOF

Mrs. Robineta Reed, in addition to being a great teacher and community servant, impacted others and created a legacy that survives her to this day. Her contributions to the Gunter community will always be remembered.

Robineta Holcomb (Reed) was born on July 22,1925. Growing up, Robineta helped out on their family farm, The New Preston Trail Farms, cooking and taking care of children while her family performed more laboring tasks in the fields. From a very young age, Mrs. Reed showed compassion and possessed nurturing values which would help shape her career.

Robineta graduated from Gunter High School in 1943 and attended college at Tarleton State University. However, during her college years, her mother became very ill and Robineta left college to be with her family. One afternoon during the summer of 1944, the Gunter Superintendent at the time and the President of the Gunter school board tracked down Robineta, who was working in their cotton field, to offer her a teaching job. In order to teach at Gunter, she had to obtain a certification, and in the Fall of 1944, only one year out of high school, she began teaching 4th and 5th grade.

Robineta Reed – Gunter Hall of Famer

She taught elementary at Gunter ISD for many years and married her husband, Alton Reed. Mrs. Dara Arrington had Mrs. Reed as a teacher during her elementary years and said this about her teaching abilities, “ I think she could have taught a dog to read. She was that good.”Robineta and her husband never had children, however Robineta can be viewed as a very kind and motherly figure by many within the Gunter community.

The legacy she leaves is that of a loyal, dependable educator to G.I.S.D. students. Her faith, love, and character have not seen the like since

Robineta went back to college and finished her college degree at the University of North Texas. She continued teaching at Gunter ISD and as a young elementary teacher, she impressed her peer with her gift for helping her students reach their full potential. She had a few students who could not speak English, and after completing Robineta’s class, they could communicate better and could do arithmetic. She would take books to her students throughout the summer so that their reading skills would stay sharp and, according to Bonnie Stafford, she was “an expert tooth puller.” Dawn Arrington said she had “never seen anyone bandage more knees and pull more teeth” than Robineta.

Robineta Reed

Robineta’s teachings and passion for molding the youth expanded past the walls of Gunter Elementary School. She and her husband were active members of First Baptist and would regularly take kids to church events and participate in youth events. Her husband was a youth leader which gave Robineta an opportunity to involve herself with the youth seeking a stronger relationship with God.

Mrs. Reed continued to stay active in the community until she passed away on Sept. 14,1999 at age 74. Aurelia Holcomb said that “she would do whatever someone needed her to do” because that was “the type of person she was.” Her influence in the community and compassion for others were major factors in shaping the legacy of Mrs. Robineta Reed in the Gunter community and how she will be remembered.  As Mrs. Arrington summed up best, “The legacy she leaves is that of a loyal, dependable educator to G.I.S.D. students. Her faith, love, and character have not seen the like since.”

Guest Author: Zachery Majors and Jackie Valadez


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