Russell Hunter – Gunter HOF

If you ask anyone that has lived in Gunter, and has kids involved in the sports program, there is a good chance you have heard the name Thomas Russell Hunter (Coach Russell).  Russell Hunter was respected throughout the community for his contributions: he essentially created the baseball program, he then was the first coach to take a Gunter Tiger team to State in 1985, and he was a good, caring father known for his love for his children.

Russell is known for his good name…. a family name that was respected.

Russell was born on April 15, 1929 in Dorchester,Texas.  He died on March 13, 2007 in Dorchester,Texas. He graduated in 1947 and went on to attend the University of Texas, but transferred to Texas Tech, where he graduated. Later he was called to military duty in 1951.


The respected Gunter coach “made people take notice of our baseball program,” said long time Gunter resident Dawn Arrington. “He set a tradition of excellence that still stands at Gunter.”

His daughter Linda said, “ He was a great role model for his students at Gunter,” and “was known for his patience and quiet demeanor.” When asked about characteristics and qualities that her father interesting Linda said, “I just remember that my Dad was always there for me and supported any and all activities or sports that I was involved in.” His family and home land was a great pride of his, but at GHS he enjoyed coaching and working with his players/students. As a young child, Linda remembers the house being filled with High School students that came to hang out and even help her Dad haul hay.    Russell’s good friend Dawn Arrington had nothing but positive words and admiration to say about Mr. Hunter. “Russell is known for his good name….a family name that was respected. He enjoyed being with his students and they enjoyed time with him.” The students viewed him as a friend and a role model while respecting him as their coach.

Coach Russell Hunter
Coach Russell Hunter

Russell Hunter’s name still remains on signs at Gunter Baseball fields’. He was undoubtedly an amazing coach and great person to know. Russell’s legacy will always be present no matter how much Gunter grows.

Guest Authors: Bo Whitteker and Nick Gongalez

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