Gunter Railroad Tracks

The route through Gunter is operated by BNSF and essentially links Tulsa and Dallas/Ft. Worth.  It is a secondary route for BNSF.  A typical day sees a total of about 10-12 trains.

The primary traffic on this line is aggregates destined for the DFW area construction industry. In fact, there are only two daily trains operated that don’t involve the rock business. One is a local train that originates Monday through Saturday in Sherman and operates as far as Prosper and then returns to Sherman. Most typically, it appears to pass through Gunter southbound about noon and then return northbound in the late afternoon. Any industrial switching is handled by this crew. The manifest train designated to operate through Gunter is a bedtime train. It transports freight destined to D/FW and points south.

The BNSF rock trains have a typical pattern of southbound loads in the early hours of the day, then empties returning north in the later part of each day. Also, trains of the shortline carrier DGNO utilize the route several days per week. Their business is also for moving aggregates.


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